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“Shauna is an effective communicator that not only listens to what your problems are but she also guides you with a wealth of knowledge that will have you back to loving yourself and those around you in a way you’ve never experienced before.”

C. Grace (USAF, Retired)

“Shauna has the ability to connect with the audience and share her story to help break the stigma around mental health; her contribution to helping to shatter the taboo was profound. Shauna is an inspirational speaker and highly recommended.”

Marisa Mae, Founder of Beautiful Trauma

“I had the pleasure of meeting Shauna Flowers through a mutual friend. After spending the weekend with her, I realize that there was more that I was of capable doing with my life. Just being around Shauna give you the sense of “I can do it”. They say that you should always have someone in your circle doing better than you so that you have something to strive for, Shauna is that person. Shauna is highly self-motivated and well capable of achieving any goal she sets her mind to. She instills that into everyone she comes in contact with. I know I am a better person for having her in my life both spiritually and mentally. She gave me the needed boost to continue my girls mentoring program. Shauna welcomes leadership opportunities and welcome the challenge with a smile. She was a great inspirational coach before she even realized it and I would like to say, thank you.”

~Chereta Colonel, US Army Vet

“ Before working with Shauna, I felt a bit lost. My finances, my career, and even my health all felt overwhelming. We initially started working on goal development, but with her support, I've been able to set and reach some key financial targets, identify and start pursuing what I'm really passionate about, and more effectively take control of my personal health and physical fitness.”

-Bri Santiago, SFC, USA

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