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It was an honor to serve my country for over 20 years in the military. However,  I lost who I was in the job and to reclaim and empower myself again I needed to do some tough soul searching work. I finally understood that I needed to take care of me first and not feel guilty by this decision. I learned that feeling great about myself was tied to my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I discovered how to use my voice by saying no and setting boundaries with the people I love and within relationships.


I saw that crying is natural during the healing process and not something to be suppressed. I understood that it was time to let go of all the pain and hurt from my past and forgive. I want you ladies to know you are not alone. I know what I am talking about is not a convenient path. However, it is worth it because, in the end, I found Shauna again. Shauna that loves wearing makeup with a red lip daily, Shauna that likes to feel beautiful.


Shauna who was able to allow her feminine side to be free. It took me years and many scars, but I knew that this healing was necessary if I wanted freedom from my camouflage. You will not journey this path alone. I am here to guide you along the way.


“Be kind to yourself; give yourself some grace.”

Freedom For Camouflage, founded by Shauna Flowers develops a relationship with military veteran women to help them navigate the journey from the military to civilian life.


Shauna is aware of the trials of leaving the uniform behind and walking into the uncertainty of nonmilitary life. Freedom From Camouflage creates a personalized module of work inspired by the journey that Shauna had to make to begin her life again after the military as a mother, grandmother, daughter, and friend. Shauna recognized that although our family and friends may want to support us after we come home, the tough work must be done by us no matter how great our support system is.


Freedom From Camouflages creates a safe space for you to do this work without judgment as you work to free your mind from life’s pain, hurt, suppressed behaviours and repressed memories. In our program, you are empowered and encouraged to reclaim your femininity and triumphantly seize your new life as a civilian woman.   

Freedom For Camouflage Community sees you as more than just your rank. As we coach you through the steps of re-entering society, all of our strategies and resources are to benefit you. Our goal is to allow you to see your beauty when you no longer have to blend in.





Our Freedom from Camouflage mastery program is for for veteran women who recently left the military and women who will be transitioning into civilian life soon. We develop personalized coaching methods from the services we provide and work towards results that endorse positive stability as you move forward in life. Additionally, we also offer services for persons that have gone through the first program and is seeking mentoring consistently.


The rewards from detachment are great: serenity; a deep sense of peace; the ability to give and receive love in self-enhancing, energizing ways; and the freedom to find real solutions to our problems. We find the freedom to live our own lives without excessive feelings of guilt about our responsibility toward others.

- Melody Beattie


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