If you want to fly, first give up everything that weighs you down.

At Freedom from Camouflage, my goal is to work with retired military veteran women as you transition from the military to civilian life. I help you answer the question “Who am I now outside the uniform?” In those quiet moments of fear, pain, hurt and uncertainty I am here to remind you that you are not alone. With Freedom From Camouflage, my primary purpose is to walk side by side with you as you maneuver your way through painful moments of vulnerability. I know all too well that this vulnerability challenges your training in the military, training that sees any emotion outside of strength as a weakness. I seek to remind you that there is no shame in vulnerability; it is not a weakness to be suppressed. You may discover that your happiest, most energetic and most empowered self as a woman is on the other side of that storm.


Who is Shauna Flowers?

I was a woman first before I was ever my rank.

Founder Shauna Flowers developed Freedom from Camouflage after retiring from the Army. Being a military veteran herself she understands the challenges of coming home from service and adapting into your new life. She is aware of the battles you can face such as depression, suicide and painful memories that remain after leaving the service. Shauna will support and empower you, our female veteran women, who are coping secretly with this pain. She is excited to help you across the finish line as you triumphantly reclaim your identity as a woman without the uniform.

How Can Freedom From Camouflage Help You?

“As a veteran and woman, I know what it’s like to to feel lost, alone and useless.”

-Founder of Freedom from Camouflage Shauna Flowers

Re-entering civilian life can leave you feeling scared, uncertain and anxious. When you work with Freedom From Camouflage, you are supported as you answer the question, what’s next? You get the tools to help you reduce all the transitional anxieties that arise from this question.

With Freedom from Camouflage, you join a community of veteran women like yourself whom all want to learn who they are without the uniform.

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There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise

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Remember it’s never too late to get started on your self-discovery.

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