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Girl, it’s time to celebrate new beginnings! 

Take off that rank, put on your crown, and sit on your throne!


This is for you if you've:

  • Transitioned out of active military service and are looking to understand your new normal

  • Transitioned back into civilian life and are suffering with an identity crisis

  • Have found yourself codependent on your camos and struggle to discover your life's purpose

  • Ready to reclaim your voice and feminine power after military service

Then this is for YOU!

Are you ready to step into your new beginning?

You are in the right place to reclaim who you are as a woman, discover your new life purpose, and stand in a new definition of your power and femininity after leaving the military.

I hear you.
I see you.
I've been there.

I have walked that same mile in combat boots

IMG_3900 (1).jpg


“Shauna is an effective communicator that not only listens to what your problems are but she also guides you with a wealth of knowledge that will have you back to loving yourself and those around you in a way you’ve never experienced before."

C. Grace (USAF, Retired)

“Shauna has the ability to connect with the audience and share her story to help break the stigma around mental health; her contribution to helping to shatter the taboo was profound. Shauna is an inspirational speaker and highly recommended.”

Marisa Mae, Founder of Beautiful Trauma

Ready for Transformation?

I will help you to bring peace and purpose into your life FAST, embrace your purpose and find your place in the world.


It’s time to release your internal resistance and suffering, Embrace your “new” feminine identity.

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